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CRPO Exam Writing Tips

As of Spring 2022, we have helped over 500 of your colleagues and peers with CRPO Exam Preparation.

Below we've put together what we feel are the most common concerns and important things YOU need to know.

Tip #1

Check in with yourself

We all know the CRPO Exam is competency based (you knew that right?), but how does that answer feel to you? Does it sit with you comfortably, or does it feel icky. When we are teaching our workshop, we always go back to the body. It never lies. Our brain can overthink and overanalyze to the extreme, especially with the CRPO Exam. So, stop for a moment, take a breath and check in with yourself, what's the gut instinct and intuition telling you.
If it feels icky, don't picky! 

Tip #2

Get the help you need and deserve! 

When preparing to write the CRPO Exam, it's important to feel confident going into it. That means getting the help that you need and the help you deserve. All too often we hear and see people saying the exam is "easy peasy" or that you don't actually need help. This can be very shaming for those wanting or needing help. If you want help or clarity, seek it out. Don't worry about what others say. This is your experiencing and those that comment are lacking your experience.


So, give yourself a break and get the help so you are as prepared for the CRPO Exam!

Ideas for help: 

  • Study groups

  • Talking to your therapist to help with anxiety or executive functioning tools and resources

  • Hypnotherapy to work on your subconscious thoughts about exams and passing

  • Take a CRPO Exam Prep Course (not just ours!)

  • Talking to those who have passed to hear their experiences, good knowledge based sharing only please!

Tip #3

Make selections based on
where you're at not what you did

Now, this is a confusing one! Here's the thought process we hear (and even did ourselves), about the exam: Oh darn, I made selections in that last section and now I know it's wrong. What do I do now? Do I keep on that path since I started it, do I change course here or do I try to fix it by selecting everything! As we know and can see in the ​CRPO Exam resource manual, when a section in the simulation asks about a specific time frame, you select your answers according to that time frame. Now, that doesn't mean there won't be less right answers but it does allow you to put the other sections behind you and answer fresh in each section of the simulation. When selecting, if there are similar answers, keep it client-centered and for where you're at now in that simulation.

Tip #4

Keep it client centred

We all know the importance of being client centred and meeting the client where they are at. This is still true when writing the CRPO Exam. The exam answers are weighted from +3 to -3, there's even a 0. A +3 is of central importance to good client care. Not taking this action would result in serious damage to the client. A -3  is gravely damaging to client care and costly to their welfare.


So what's a 0?  We're happy you asked!  A 0 does not contribute to client care but it also does not harm the client either. 

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