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About Spring & Shelley

What Spring says about Shelley: Shelley keeps me accountable with warmth and a gentle guiding presence. I'm always astounded in her ability to be a mom, business partner and run a successful private practice. Shelley keeps me on track as my brain jumps from topic to topic and is always ready to hear my new-fangled ideas. She's become my business partner, one of my closest confidants and best friends!

What Shelley says about Spring: The first thing I think of when I think of Spring is how she ALWAYS has your back. She has always been there for me in a moments notice and I watch her do the same for her fellow colleagues, RP's and friends. She has a strong sense of community and is very dedicated to helping our fellow colleagues through their journey to successful therapy practices.
I am so grateful to call Spring my friend as well as business partner.


It is in Shelley's nature to nurture. With a patient nature Shelley has built her private practice working with teens, children, individuals and families. With a strong intuitive ability Shelley attunes to her clients needs emotionally and energetically, bringing this strength into her teaching style fostering a gentle focus into the class environment. Shelley has a strong understanding of the CRPO competencies and standards guiding you in the preparation process.

Spring - Headshots-18-edited-headband_ed

As a compassionate client centred therapist, Spring strongly believes in creating a safe space for mutual understanding and curiosity. With a straight-forward yet kind approach (and a bit of humour), Spring honours the therapeutic alliance to allow the client process at their own pace. Spring brings this into class along her knowledge of complicated client cases, jurisprudence and practice standards helping in the exam preparation skill set. 

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