4 Week
CRPO Exam Prep Course

Congratulations! You have your RP, qualifying and you're ready to write the CRPO Exam!
But do you feel prepared?

Shelley Whitehouse and Spring Berriman developed this CRPO Exam Prep Course to help get you ready and steady for the exam. From what to expect when you first sit down (or walk in), to in depth review of decision making and information gathering. They'll review exam simulations, the exam grading process, case studies and everything you need to know to pass the exam! 

Spring 2023 Dates: 
To be announced
Please email us for details or to be on our Spring 2023 waitlist!


Inform and Foundations

In this first class we review the class members expectations from our class as well as classmates. We answer those burning questions that have been on your mind all the while dispelling CRPO exam rumours and concerns. We will delve into exam scoring shedding light on an all too ambiguous and confusing process.  The CRPO competencies will be a focus and we begin reviewing scenarios as a group.

Week 2

Calm and Understand

In the second class we will review questions and guide you how to put yourself into the exam questions with a focus on competencies. A deep dive into exam scenarios as well as questions and concerns regarding CRPO jurisprudence, professional practice standards. Discussion around exam anxiety and self care before during and after the CRPO Exam. We zero in on consent, age of consent and confidentiality.

Week 3

Practice and Collaborate

Discussion around the most important scenarios that could come up on your exam. We continue on with scenarios and if time allows case studies. We provide a full hypnosis session to help with the mind set of passing your exam, exam success and exam anxiety relief.

Week 4

Putting it all together

In our final class we cover what the exam looks, what to expect and important steps in taking this online exam format.  We will answer and discuss any last minute concerns or queries about possible exam scenarios and the most important things to remember. Discussing timing and helping you get a feeling of what it's like answering scenarios in a time format.

Please note: This is a rough overview of what to expect from our class. All classes are different as the needs of those attending and dynamics are different. It's important to us to remain understanding to those needs and challenges. 

One Day Intensive Workshop Course Fees: 

New OSRP Membership* & Course Enrolment:
$495+HST = $553.70

Basic Class Enrolment:
$430+HST = $485.90

Current OSRP Member Course Enrolment:
$410+HST = $463.30

*Please note the discounted rate for the OSRP membership is available to new joining members only. Existing/returning members please speak with OSRP on how you can save on your renewal! 

Course Details & Extras: 

We've teamed up with the OSRP​​ (Ontario Society for Registered Psychotherapists). 

What does that mean for you? 
It simply means a VERY discounted membership to the OSRP just for you! With this you'll enjoy discounts of up to 10% on other trainings, very affordable liability insurance and so much more. Check out their mentorship program! 
PLUS we offer an additional discount on our course too! 

Why we teamed up with OSRP: 

It's for RPs by RPs . They actively advocate for RPs with the CRPO and Ontario (#stoptaxingmytherapy), keeping communication streams open. It's a great way to stay connected and build relationships with other RP's. Did we mention the additional discounts and Health benefits? 
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